Flexible, creative, good-spirited, dependable. It was pleasure to work with Peter, it was not the last time.

Peter Tandlich
Management consultant - Galad LikedIn

Ich habe mit Peter Dlhý sehr gerne gearbeitet, weil er eine hohe Professionalität (insbesondere in Fragen des Internets und des Graphik-Designs) mit Innovationsfähigkeit verbindet. Er hat uns geholfen, die Homepage des Honorarkonsulats der Slowakischen Republik in Hamburg attraktiv zu gestalten. Als Graphik-Designer kann ich ihn gerne weiterempfehlen.

Peter Littmann
Owner, Brandinsider GmbH Strategic Brand Consulting Brandinsider

I´ve worked with Peter for over a year. During his time in VERDE Peter prooved himself to be an incredibly flexible and all-round employee, most of the time sitting on multiple chairs – handling general affairs, recruitment, event management and more. From my point of view (as a head of sales and marketing) Peter added the most value to the company with his rare talent for design, graphics and marketing materials in general. Improoving company website and shooting a promotional video for one of our products are the best examples of Peter’s skills, where he created great material with very limited budget. I would reccomend Peter for any company who is looking for a creative addition to their marketing team.

Ondrej Sluka
Head of Sales and Marketing ve společnosti VERDE s.r.o LinkedIn

Peter is a very talented designer with a unique approach to design and has the ability to take a small idea and expand it to its full potential. His ability to think outside the box adds tremendous value to the concepts and ideas that are at hand. He is creative, smart, and FUN to work with.

Jaroslav Noskovič
Technology transfer specialist at Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information Linkedin

I´ve worked with Peter in Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information. He was working very well and responsibly so I was satisfied with him.

Patrícia Stanová
Head of Science and Technology Promotion Department Linkedin

Peter je zručný, tvorivý a expresný. Pomohol mi zviditeľniť sa nielen v sfére internetu, ale aj v osobnej prezentácií. Vďaka jeho službe som ľahšie našiel prácu.

Pavol Benka
Externý korektor ve společnosti Vydavateľstvo Spolku slovenských spisovateľov Linkedin

Peter is really creative person which can handle the tasks with ease, he provides additional perspectives in solving specific tasks to lead them to perfection.

Julius Kravjar
Project Manager at Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information Linkedin

Peter works for the company for over a year and he is useful and valuable person in terms of graphics, marketing and related work. In our company he is a key person in designing graphics for applications in the field of energy. Is conscientious and carefully perform assigned tasks. In addition to his expertise and skills we can highlight his very positive impact on the atmosphere in the team.

Pavel Homola
Executive Director at VERDE s.r.o. VERDE s.r.o.

Peter počas svojho pôsobenia v našej inštitúcii odvádzal vysoko kvalitnú a profesionálnu prácu týkajúcu sa grafických a dizajnérskych prác. Jeho grafické návrhy sú doteraz využívané. Peter je veľmi kreatívny človek a taktiež vysoko flexibilný, ochotný učiť sa nové veci.

Anna Janusová
Head of Department of external relations and international cooperation at SCSTI LinkedIn

I know Peter from SCSTI. He worked as designer. His work was very great and everybody was satisfy with him. Result of his work was fresh and original. I recommend him for next jobs.

Martin Smeja
Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Protection from Public Research Institutions LinkedIn



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